Jun 6, 2023

Unveiling Semantic Kernel

Lukasz Memoji

Lukasz C.

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Semantic Kernel is a lightweight SDK (Software Development Kit) or set of tools that simplifies the usage of AI/Semantic APIs. It provides a practical blueprint for effectively combining these tools to achieve optimal results.

Power of Human Abstraction

Semantic Kernel goes beyond its functional aspects and leverages an abstraction of human behavior to establish a consistent framework. This approach ensures a unified language and design, making integration seamless.

When working with the Semantic Kernel, traditional prompts and functions are replaced by the concept of skills. Instead of writing prompts, you add or teach skills to the system. Storing records in a database becomes saving memories that retain essential information. Instead of running a program, you provide an ask or goal, allowing the kernel to determine the best approach for achieving it. By combining Large Language Models (LLMs) and the skills you provide, Semantic Kernel generates dynamic responses that align with the user's intent.

More cyborg than human?

Semantic Kernel, in a sense, resembles a cyborg - a harmonious fusion of human and robotic elements.

Human Aspect

The "human" aspect is facilitated by AI or LLMs, which interpret your prompts and access semantic memory in the form of embeddings stored in vector databases. These embeddings, generated by AI and searched based on similarity, enhance the system's understanding and contextual awareness.

Robotic Aspect

The "robotic" aspect involves the code you create using conventional programming languages and access to traditional, filterable databases and different APIs. It encompasses the development of various skills such as:

  • Web searching

  • LinkedIn profile fetching

  • Creating tickets in external systems

  • Sending emails

  • Instructing drones to change direction

These skills enable the Semantic Kernel not only to respond in a human-like fashion but also perform actual tasks.


The combination of the human and robotic aspects in the Semantic Kernel allows the application to accurately comprehend user intentions and access up-to-date and relevant data, enabling effective task execution.

In the words of Captain Planet, "By those powers combined, there is the Semantic Kernel." 😄 Let's harness this power and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities in the realm of AI orchestration.

Lukasz Memoji
Lukasz Memoji
Lukasz Memoji

Lukasz C.

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